“Guardianship is a process designed to protect and exercise the legal rights of individuals whose functional limitations prevent them from being able to make their own decisions. It is the most restrictive type of decision-making assistance.”  ~ Florida State Guardianship Association

Professional Guardianship

Due to the overwhelming presense of fraud and elder abuse associated with Florida professional guardians, it’s surprising that anybody would choice to become one. However, despite the negative views, this is where my path has led me. 


As I prusued my guardianship training and educated myself on the position, I was very hesitant. Why would I want to take on such a controversial role with such a high level of commitment & responsibility? Why would I chose to take on a job where others would constantly question my motives and intent? 


My reason, despite the horrible stories you may read, is that there is a great need for guardians. There are so many individuals in our community who have no one and who need the help of a guardian. So many people who need a voice. With my background, my experince, my education, and the values within me, I know can be that voice. I know I can be a good steward within our community.   ~ Marianne

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As a Professional Guardian, Marianne works with individuals who have been deemed incapacitated by the circuit courts of Florida. Upon appointment, Marianne is prudent in making decisions on behalf of the ward's best interest in regards to social, health and financial decisions.These legal proceeding are governed by Chapter 744, Florida Statutes