"Dad always took care of the finances, what's Mom going to do now that he's gone?"


"How can I help when I live so far away?"

"How could the electric be shut off? Dad should have enough money to cover the bills?"

Marianne can Help

A Daily Money Manager assists with personal money matters such as managing regular monthly bills, reconciling bank statements monitoring purchases, creating & maintaining budgets, and record keeping,

making life easier for you and your family. 

Hiring a Daily Money Manager is like having a personal bookkeeper; keeping you organized and on top of your

day-to-day financial affairs.

More Information

A Daily Money Manager Assists With The Following:

  • Paying Bills


  • Preparing Budgets


  • Preparing Checks for Signatures


  • Balancing Check Books


  • Reconciling Financial Accounts


  • Organizing or Reviewing Incoming Correspondence


  • Making Bank Deposits


  • Tracking/Monitoring Payments to Creditors, Insurance Companies or Medical Providers 


Signs you or an Aging Parent Needs the Assistance of a Daily Money Manager:


- Unpaid Bills

- Unawareness of Recent Purchases

- Unopened Mail

- Calls from Collection Agents

- Large Purchases

- Difficulty with Daily Expenses

- Avoiding Family Outings

- Secrecy Surrounding Money Issues


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